To capture America is to experience America, state by state, person by person, day by day.

With 2 full years spent on the road I, Josh Hailey, saw the good, the bad, and the beautiful that the United States has to offer. This self funded journey was documented to help me better understand the country I live in and to share my experiences with others.

I named this project PHOTAMERICA

Being the avid artist/photographer that I am, I filmed the United States’ vastly different people and landscapes in every big city, small town, and all things in between.

In every state, I interviewed three people everyday from all walks of life to get a better grasp of what it means to an American. These interviews were compiled into four short documentaries about community, national pride, advice to youth, and how these individuals try to make the world a better place.

To fully showcase the diverse landscape and culture of this country, video was shot every day and condensed into fine art films for every state.  These short 90 seconds films are all set to original music friends and I composed. A compilation of these videos are presently being compiled into a feature length art film called, “This Land is Art Land”

While on the road, countless photographs were taken daily in every region to help illustrate how socially, culturally and physically divergent America is. These images evolved into a series of six different photo collages that represent each state. All of these collages along with one of a kind custom pieces are now printed on over thirty different products from fine art canvases to attire and more.