DAY 19!!!! Key krazy west

Posted on: January 26th, 2012 by joosy 6 Comments

We got up with the sun in the amazing Everglades National Park and packed up camp to go for a hike. I love seeing caution signs in different settings. Apparently the park has a special Florida Panther and of course, tons of Alligators. One of my favorite signs was “Not responsible for Vultures damage to car” which i laughed at only to come to find that there were vultures everywhere and they were perching on everyones ride. Beautiful wildlife in the everglades and yes we got up close and personal with a gator taking a snack on turtle, sad but true nature. We then took the long and lovely ride down to Key West which I expected to look overly commercial like the “True Lies” movie but came to find Key Largo to Key West to just be a beautiful island hop from key to shining blue key! We checked into our place at the Arist House in Key West which was amazing and hit the streets on bike after dropping off the van at a mechanics for a new starter ( Oh yeah, i failed to mention that as we pulled out on the journey the starter started acting up, our routine has been Katie getting underneath the van and hitting it with a hammer to start the van, luckily we don’t have that problem anymore, was kinda cute though. Key west is a mix of New Orleans, Charleston, rich people, and drugs, … and beautiful sunsets. We strolled the strip taking pics and meeting people to interview. We ate dinner and continued to do the same at a place called Mangoes. Excited to see the sun again tomorrow!



















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  1. Don’t pet the gators!!!!

  2. Those are some really big birds on the hood of that truck. Great photos!

    • vultures! there was a big warning sign for vultures may cause damage to your car. no kidding right

  3. I can’t wait to see the video of the guy talking about fruit.

    • RICHARD IS HERE was the name of his shop. He had been there over 50 years from the day he was 6 holding up fruit. Amazing interview. loves