DAY 22! Gateway to Latin America

Posted on: January 30th, 2012 by joosy 1 Comment

Woke up early with Katie and had her at the airport heading to Los Angeles by noon. Sadness, she is the best travel companion I will ever have and she has helped Photamerica more than she will ever know. I miss her the second she leaves and look forward to seeing her soon (hopefully next week in Georgia!). I left the airport and went and picked up my good friend Daniels sister, Laura Guaqueta. The guaquetas are from Colombia and have been living in miami for years. Laura took me down to Key Biscayne for food and interviewing. She is also the first person to help get a new project together. We mounted a video camera in the car on us and one outside the van (now called Casa Blanca, my white house on wheels) she toured me around her town with a mix of facts, thoughts, and funny observations. We ended the night touring south beach, taking pics (great photographer she is) and then played an awesome dice game called CACHOS!!! ♥ with two of her friends. Awesome day speaking Spanish and seeing the Latin side of Miami!













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  1. I’m glad you had a good time, you are more than welcomed around Miami any time you wish, (or Buenos Aires or Bologna, Italy if you make a detour)!
    I’m also really happy you had so much fun at Xime’s and Javi’s (Topo and Topa) and still think of the delicious souffle he made and CACHOS!
    Watch out for hidden “chongas” in Jersey!!!

    Trop de bisous, molti baci, muchos besos, kisses!