DAY 26!!!! Daytona Beach surprised me and made me smile.

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by joosy 1 Comment

Woke up at 8 and started a 4 hour upload process on the front porch of Laceys awesome apartment in the sun. At noon I was deciding on what to shoot in this town and Lacey just came home for Lunch. We went out for Mexican and she told me about this one guy that would be perfect to interview. On the way to the 2nd tallest lighthouse in the country I just happened to be lead straight to Prince Mongo’s house. The Prince has a house right off the beach that has a full set of islands and ladies garments spilling out of his yard for the rest of the world and his neighbors to deal with. Upon first meeting the Prince from the planet Zambodia I did think he was crazy, almost psychotic, but then realized he was an alien that was much needed in this country. He made nothing but perfect sense as we walked over his sand islands talking about his sadness at politicians, money wasting, people not doing anything. He gave me the best interview yet. He isn’t crazy, he is just pissed that no one cares that the country is in shambles, he is wanting to ignite people through his art and his crazy antics in his yard. It is his act of rebellion to open peoples eyes. Whatever planet he is from, I would love to go with him and help. I then cruised over to the lighthouse and ran up to the top panting and seeing a beautiful view of the beach and surrounding Daytona. Breathaking in the afternoon light. With a little less than an hour of light left I was down the beach, actually driving on the beach (yeah you can do that in Daytona). I whipped out the bike, mounted the camera, and then roused up some birds along the beach while making a video and turning back into a child. As i was leaving I even got to see the motor speedway. Daytona Beach surprised me and made me smile. Headed to Jacksonville and met up with good friends Jordan and Jess. Jordan and I went out to an art walk and interviewed a guy named Rome on America. it was a good day as I crashed before midnight!





















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  1. A good day sounds like an understatement, honey. What a day you got to experience, all after noon!