DAY 50!!! Lafayette and the bayou!

Posted on: February 26th, 2012 by joosy No Comments

Woke up in the van and through good luck and energy and a random email I found my old Dave Carner ( and went to eat some breakfast with him and his lovely wife Allison who was about to give birth in a couple of weeks! Had a lovely breakfast at Louie’s in Baton Rouge and then we went onto campus and got a great interview from the two of them. Dave then took me to the new capitol building which I would have missed the inside of and great outlook of the city if had not of run into Dave. Amazing view of the pretty city side of the red stick, the mississippi side, the north side, and then the crazy industrial side that billows smoke into the atmosphere. What a crazy four quadrant view! The new capitol was beautiful too and was introduced to the seedy story of Hughey P Long and his governship of Louisiana many years ago. As we were descending the elevator I mentioned the Couch Surfer I was going to stay with in Lafayette and it just happened to be the photographer that shot Dane and Allison’s wedding, small world, good energy. So I began the hour long bridge journey to Lafayette into the home and fellow positive spirit of Gwen Aucoin ( What a lovely light and free spirit who led me all around Lafayette through the foods, the peoples, the errands, and the fun. We spent the day riding around and ending up in the swamp with some lovely little kids singing in the Bayou. My days are lovely with lots of work during the light of day but I always look forward to sunsets and this bayou sunset was pretty amazing. Gwen introduced me to loads of her friends and by the end of the night we had gone two a couple of bars and really got to see the scene of Lafayette. Thank you Gwen so much for a lovely day, I totally wish the world was full of fun and excitement that is you!





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