DAY 52!!! Shreev east to Monroe.

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Woke up with Annie for a nice walk in the park with her dog Cowboy. She lives right next to a wonderful garden and part of a private museum of western expansion. ha. We ran some errands and went around Shreveport. Well, sadly Shreev is all about some Casinos which litter the downtown red river with many buildings laying empty on the edge of town. So glad to have met the kids from Twin Engine and some of the kids from moonbot this morning at the diner because the rest of what I saw in Shreveport just made me sigh. Casinos sadly give money and incentives to cities but really just don’t do anything for the help of the city around it. I have good hopes that Shreveport will be an amazing place for technology and animation and it’s all happening right down near the river, next to the casinos and the hustler club. Today was spent on the road traveling east towards Ruston and Monroe. I stopped at a small town and went to the last place Bonnie and cLyde went to eat before 7 miles down the road they were gunned down. Odd and the guy who ran the place was pretty interesting too ( i think there were about 20 people that lived in the town). Ruston was a quick in and out to shoot Louisiana tech. One of my old professors Patrick Miller teaches here and wished I could have seen him. Ended the day in Monroe Louisiana which is where my stepmom is from. So many lovely old buildings, train tracks, and small town ghost images. I really enjoyed playing around for 2 hours recording the sun fall on this pretty little city. Went to eat some crawfish tacos at Tomos mexican grille and met some lovely people and then went to grab another last bit of Louisisana before heading out. Daquaris to go!!! Wow, the girl Brooke let me try 2 of her favorite flavors, smurf piss and sloppy sex. wow. I got a small sloppy sex and then found a parking lot to crash in and settled down to spend the night and think back about all the fun I have had and lovely people I have met in Louisiana. Such an interesting state with it’s French/spanish/English/Catholic/Presbytrian past and amazing cities like no other like New Orleans. Was very luck to be in town for Mardi Gras to see the hysteria and celebration of life and love from the south to the north of this cool State. You will be missed Louisiana! thanks for everything. Laissez les bons temps rouler.








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