DAY 63!!!! Branson to eureka springs!

Posted on: March 11th, 2012 by joosy No Comments

Woke up early with the sun being that I stayed in the van (and oooh it was so cold!). Headed for some coffee in the middle of the square and walked around and took some last minute pictures before heading south to Branson. The landscape definitely started to get hilly with loads of great country billboards announcing shows. As far as I know Branson is like a show tunes place with theaters I can only imagine to be on a strip mall of modern architecture. But come to find it was a cute little town that ran next to the white river and had a huge sprawl of windy roads on the hillside with very unique local theaters. It was quite surreal actually and also that a tornado just came through here and did some serious damage a week ago only added to it. I met a guy named Pat who owned a flag store that was very damaged. He gave me an interview and he told me about how he came to Branson about 10 years ago. I think the town does people very well being a tourist place. I then went to get some lunch at a local shop with killer pies to photograph (not so good catfish). While walking down to the river I met Ronzo the Clown who had an amazing back story on how long he has been in Branson and his family. Cool guy! I then got in the van and road up to Silver City and took some pictures. Toured around Table Rock and looked over the water to the other side, really beautiful lake. And then as the sun was almost setting I took the long windy roads through all of showtunes Branson. Such an interesting place! Finished the day shooting everything from damage to king kong to life size roosters. The list goes on but you can see it for yourself in the pictures. Left town around 6:30 and was heading an hour plus south to Eureka Springs AR! I hear it is lovey. Brenden and Cheryl Johnson sent me an email off the fox news station spot last week in Fayetteville and that is who I made it to for dinner and chats. Lovely couple that really love dogs and aren’t afraid to have someone stay on their couch! thank you!












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