Day 10! Bye bye Hawaii

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by joosy 2 Comments

One more early morning as kathey and drew and i go on a boat for three hours as the sun rises to see hump back whales jumping feverishly in the warmer waters near Maui. I captured a few breaches in the distance but one amazing whale jumped up right next to the boat and almost matched the size of our vessel. Everyone was so amazed that not one picture was made. Came back home, packed up, did one last lunch with the disks on crew (thank you ever so much for your hospitality and singing and dancing, ha!) hot the airport and writing this while flying from Maui back to Honolulu. I am realizing now while writing that I am going to learn a lot about each state, meet loads of amazing people, and really have to dictate everything decently well in this blog. These minimal amount of words (which I usually never do, remember I am a photographer) are going to be the glue that holds the photamerica project together from picture to picture, video to video. I feel very blessed and honored to be able to do this and of course this is my passion. I love telling and sharing stories on the human condition. In the 15 interviews I have done thus far, I have learned something uniquely beautiful from a range of Americans. I feel like a piece of everyones thoughts are helping to shape my own and there is something valuable to pass on to each and everyone I meet, if not words, then a smile that I cant hide. Hawaii is a beautiful state as we all know, and I am ready for the next 49! I will be home in the south tomorrow and packing up the van with my beautiful girlfriend to head SE torwards Florida for the next week plus. Photamerica is hitting mainland!













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  1. Off to a good start!

  2. Excited for you, and for us, Josh! Those seats in the airplane immediately brought to mind eight-track cassettes and players! Is that a whale in the water in the photo with the couple looking up at the camera? About Florida, my family lived in Belle Glade, down by Lake Okeechobee for as long as it took Daddy and the Marley Cooling Tower crew to build an industrial water cooling tower somewhere nearby. I think I was in the third grade. I know for sure that there was a school carnival, and I got to ride on a fire engine! Did I ever tell you that over a period of seven and one half years (ages 3 to10-ish), my family lived in 26 different states? It took three months or less to build one of those cooling towers. I have lots of memories which I cannot associate to how old I am or where we are living. Now that Mama and Daddy are gone, I believe they will always be in the fog–my only sibling is a brother who is three years younger than I am. Anyway, be safe, drive well, ask lots of questions, take lots of photos and videos, and share until the cows come home!