DAY 11! Back to the mainland!

Posted on: January 19th, 2012 by joosy 1 Comment

My flight magically got bumped up from a 20 hour flight to a 12 hour flight which got be back home at 9am on Tuesday morning. I did sleep the whole way! Which means Hawaii to Houston, pass out, slap me in face, Houston to Jackson, 9 hours of sleep in air. I never sleep on planes and was quite impressed. Got back and my father came and picked me up to go get my van (the back right bumper was fixed) and quickly went to get my new computer so I can continue to do these lovely posts. Met up with Azod who helped me put together all the video from Hawaii plus play around with new GoPro cameras (2 amazing video recorders I wish i had had in Hawaii). Soon after that I was in a mad dash to go meet Lisa, Tre, and Daniel at my studio and off to pick my lovely girlfriend up from the airport. We chilled the jet lag together with a big day of shooting for her documentary and packing for the rest of the 49 states tomorrow! Welcome back to the mainland!








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  1. Welcome back! Hope you got some good shots and a large time! Ill be keeping up with the pictures posted-

    Keep pushin!