DAY 25!!!! Dali to Daytona Beach, surreeeeaaaal!

Posted on: February 2nd, 2012 by joosy 5 Comments

Got up with an intense hangover, go figure from a random Florida resort. Thanks Clearwater, your vodka wasnt that clear. I dragged (drug? sp?) my cousin with me to St. Petersburg to see Dali on these intense hangovers. Where I was impressed by the amazing collection, I felt that the museum didnt really live up to what I imagine Dali would like. It seemed way to clean, orderly, boxed in, and elderly Florida for his crazy fascinations. I only say this because I have been to his house and museum in Spain twice! and it is a nutter butter of stuff everywhere and this one just was to clean. Still, one of the most amazing artists to ever live (still think he sold his soul to the devil, he produced so much in his life, and think he did most of it himself (most artists have others to paint their shit for them once they are famous)). Afterwards we cruised through Tampa which was awful because the Republican Primary conventions was going on, sorry, barf barf barf. And hungover still, barf. I dropped Brett off and tried to make it north to see mermaids swimming but the traffic was out of control on the small little towns of west Florida so I instead met up with good friend Jessie and her three adorable children for ice cream and interviewed them on America! Awesome. Saw another beautiful sunset as I was driving away East towards Daytona beach and my friend Laceys McCloughlins place. Got there are 8 and joined their trivia night at the beach bar. Came home and crashed soon after, tomorrow I have to upload most everything shot in Florida! And at some point I need to get out of this incredibly beautiful, diverse, and weird state! photamerica out!



















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  1. I had a great time with you and the kids. It’s a very cool thing you are doing. I’m glad my kids had a chance to share in it. I am proud to be an American. Perhaps because of people like you. People who take a chance on something they love and believe in. And because of the support you are getting from the rest of America. The people you meet in the street willing to share their time because they are also proud. Have a safe journey. Thanks again!!!

  2. Why are your videos upside down? It’s so hard to turn my computer over so that I can see them right.

    • upside down. girl you turn me. inside out. round and round. i don’t know! maybe i just upside down

  3. Videos? Where do I click to find them? I’m lost over here, Josh. Thanks. Oh, by the way, I’ve been reading and am just about finished with Susan Orleans’ The Orchid Thief. The Florida she experiences impressed her mightily with its weirdness.