DAY 29!!! Coldlanta

Posted on: February 5th, 2012 by joosy 2 Comments

Started the day as always with Katie at a lovely breakfast joint (she loves well researched amazing food joints!). Sun in my belly is the bomb. The day was overcast and the coldest day yet of the tour at 65 degrees, is winter finally here? We spent the day driving up and down peachtree and shooting pics from downtown, midtown, uptown, and everything in between. Had a very interesting day trying to size a ring for Katie which randomly placed us in a convention center which forced us to get all sorts of credentials and passes made (stay clear of the future and the American mall of Atlanta, yikes). In the end we got the ring and the diamond popped out somewhere on the streets, hilarious. Took great pics and had wonderful cupcake interviews with Sarah Byrd in buckhead and again in lil five with cat, brandy, and Jess. We ate Mexican and sushi and had a chill Saturday night once again at the glenn! Off to breakfast tomorrow with johnathon and Melanie. Xxx20120205-151727.jpg20120205-151838.jpg20120205-152018.jpg20120205-152233.jpg20120205-152355.jpg20120205-152527.jpg20120205-152633.jpg20120205-152751.jpg20120205-152837.jpg







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  1. However could one beat a cupcake interview? I cannot even imagine. Did she find the diamond? What a ratty thing to have happen! Atlanta’s just so big!

  2. Those parking lot slots are mesmerizing, Josh. And I love that you’ve led off today with another photo of color-coordinated objects on a shelf! Way cool.