DAY 3 in Hawaiiiiiieee.

Posted on: January 10th, 2012 by joosy 1 Comment

Hey Photamerica lovers, today was an early one to catch the sunrise and in the process ran into a homeless man named Jeff who told me about his American story. I found myself around Pearl Harbor and lots of fun interviews near the sunken U.S Arizona. Quite crazy to think about how the country pretty much changed drastically after the Japanese attacked on Dec. 7th, 1941. Haunting and beautiful place. Had lunch with Hunter who is a new Hawaiian and gave me perspective on coming to the islands. Went back over to the east side of the island to snap more pics and catch the sunset atop Hawaii Kai and now heading to do an interview for the night. Got wind that KOH channel 2 wants to do a story on Photamerica, thanks Jaymee Vowell and her good friend Paula. So off to talk to the station in the morning. Looks like one more day here in Oahu and then off to the Big island and then Maui. aloha and goodnight!











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  1. Josh, I know you are way, way busy, but I’m way, way curious about something. So, I’m going to ask. When/if you get time for an answer, I’ll look for it as an e-mail, please, at

    Anyway, since you take lots of photos which are not captioned here on the Journal, I’m wondering what method you use to later on ID the people in the images? What’s your system? I know someone as creative and busy as you must have a well-defined, fine-tuned system.