DAY 30!!!! Atlanta to Savannahh for the XIXVVIIXX bowl.

Posted on: February 6th, 2012 by joosy 1 Comment

Got up and said goodbye to the Glenn and downtown Atlanta and headed to a lovely breakfast at The Flying Biscuit in lil 5. A good friend James Collette put us in touch with the most lovely Melanie who works there and she spotted us an amazing breakfast of cheese grits with a amazing interview to top it off with. An old friend Johnathan Embrose from University met us for breakfast and told us about his Atlanta fun plus through us some good words towards Photamerica. And then we were off, 4 hours east towards Savannah. Interviewed a truck driver named Jesse outside of Macon while stopping to do some exercise. Good friend and compatriot Theron Humphries put us in touch with a friend with a bike and we cruised the mean waters and beautiful trees of Savannah Georgia and the amazing light that only southern towns can give. So charming and beautiful this town is. We sat to eat a veggie dinner while watching the Super Bowl for a stint at the Half Moon Brewery (Madonna still got it). A lovely Inn called the Savannah in is putting us up for the night! ( thanks so much for good friends and lovely light! photamerica!














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  1. Hey, Josh. I’m so very curious about the perspective in the B&W photo of the flying gulls. Is the standing-so-still-he-looks-like-he-hopes-no-one-sees-him bird very many feet below where you stood to take the photo? Or is he just a very much smaller bird, than the ones flying away from the camera? I love this photo! And the one of the clouds and the blue sky and the sun–wow! You’re having the time of your life, son! The time of your life!