DAY 34!!!! Thank you creative lovelies of Atlanta!

Posted on: February 11th, 2012 by joosy 2 Comments

Got up and backed everything up from Georgia and came down the mountain to meet up with friend of friends. Melanie, who was so lovely to us last week, and new friend Emerald, photographer and silk dancer, got together for lunch at Sevandana (an awesome co op in lil 5 points Atlanta). Rick who was friends with Melanie introduced me to Ahmbri who was a street journalist from Africa who has been in Atlanta for many years. He was talking to people about his new documentary about shelter, clothes, and community. Awesome guy and lovely interview. Rick then brought us over to a friends land trust where I talked to many bearded men who have been working their property and land for over 30 years right in the middle of the city. Charlie gave me an amazing interview as we toured the property and talked to many amazing people. Melanie and Emerald and I then went around in the van talking and filming the east side of Atlanta and its differing districts. Went through little 5, old 4th, and ended in Cabbage Town where we met Mr. Grumpy, aka David who had a lovely house full of art and sculptures. He was sitting in his car outside his house just having a drink and telling us stories of famed Atlantians in the gay community. He and his property were amazing, and an awesome interview yet again. It was such a nice day to be with creative lovelies in Atlanta and meeting other community activist and creatives. Took Melanie back and dropped Emerald off at her Silk class and ran into another old friend of friend Mel who does Silk dancing and fire handling. Atlanta has a really awesome alternative culture of kick ass people that support each other, that has been a nice thing to see in Georgia. It is good to see people pursuing their passions in art in tough economic times. I come to see it that artists just dont care, they will always peruse their passions no matter what happens. If silk dancing wasnt beautiful (and difficult) in itself, these girls are true beacons on light in Atlanta. Hung out with Emerald after her class and then met up with my dearest sweet friend Meadow who introduced me to all of these lovely people. We had a bonfire outside her friends house and pretty much celebrated life, love, and creative energy. Thank you so much you amazing people in Atlanta, sadly I have to leave to Alabama tomorrow!

























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  1. My gosh! These posts just keep getting better and better, even without any words. However, I am mighty curious, young man, about what looks like an artist’s studio and the yard with the signs and the objects everywhere. And the dextrous and strong brunettes. Not to mention the bearded men, the chickens and those gorgeous dogs! Finally, it tickles me pink to see Adirondack chairs in the Appalachians! You’re still in the Appalachians here, right? Good night!

  2. How beautiful!!! I hope you tried climbing one of those silk ropes!