DAY 41!!! Gulf, Fairhope, and Auburn.

Posted on: February 17th, 2012 by joosy 2 Comments

Woke up to the fog of all fogs on the beach. I am definitely into fine art shots but damn the beach is usually so lovely in the sun. Very wet and foggy morning that needed a bit of sun which we found very soon in some of the choice novelty shops down in Gulf Shores. There are many plastered structures on the beach beckoning you to come in but my personal favorite was the purple octopus which just happened to be the local spot that looked like the walmart of shells. I didn’t know the world made so many shells, its unbelievable and sad at the same time. We talked to Kristi whose parents own the place and she told us about living in a tourist town and selling out on novelty merchandise year by year and the oddities that come with that. Left the beach and went to the docks of Point Clear AL and then into Fairhope. I have been to this small artsy town before, use to have friends that had a gallery here but I got to understand Fairhope in a new light. We were told that Donny at the history museum was the person to find but instead we found amazing Elisha. She told us of her life, Fairhope’s lovely history, and little bit of its land tax / socialist lifestyle. Elisha gave us a great insight on how a small community of artists feels about the whole of America and I thank her for it. Took the long haul after this and headed back up to Montgomery and to meet some of Jaymee’s friends in Auburn late night. Marcus and Heather were a great interview with a sprinkle of wrestling on his part and medical on hers. Early to bed and early to rise to get back to Auburn to shoot and interview.















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  1. GREAT pictures buddy!!! Hope all is going your way-