DAY 51!!! Leaving lovely Lafayette heading to Shreveport!

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Woke up early to have lovely breakfast with Gwen and her roommate Heather and Acadian friend Nicole. So lovely everyone is in Lafayette, making it hard to leave. I interviewed Heather about the bayou and living in Sunset in Louisiana who has a catholic family background and then interviewed Nicole who was from Nova Scotia and has three kids with her Acadian husband about speaking french in the home, and thoughts on her views of Americans since she is not a citizen and probably will not become one. Such lovely peeps! Tried to go shoot some crawfish while in the south of Lousiana but it was too early and the gators just dont’ seem to be out in the colder weather. boo. So I dropped Gwen off and said goodbye only to say I will see you again next year around Mardi gras and I mean it! Headed north towards Alexandria and decided it was time to get some crawfish and that I did. Thank you kids at DeBarge’s Crawfish which probably is the best I have ever had! Then headed North again only to find myself running out of gas before reaching Shreveport. Ha. First time on the journey this year and it did take a second on this lovely southern Sunday to find someone to help. But luckily Seth pulled over and not only took me to get some gas but gave me an awesome interview about his life and Louisiana and oil and natural gas and his thoughts of America. Sometimes it’s not that bad to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. Finally made it to Shreveport and to my good friend Annie Blazer’s place! She teaches sports and religion at Centinary College in Shreveport and is just a general badass in more ways than one and I miss their band Bachlorettes ( Tonight was the Academy Awards and we went over to a pajama party at Keith and Katie’s house and got to meet the crew of Twin Engines which is an amazing young company in Shreveport that makes applications for the iPhone and iPad. Keith and his twin brother are young and doing something inspiring in Shreveport and he gave me a great interview about technology which I have been curious about in the context of America in the modern age. We had lovely talks about the way things are and the way they might be soon and made some positive insights into what is going on today. Check out their website and if you have any questions about application making then contact them ( It was a really great night to be in Shreveport since the other modern kickassers in town won an oscar for their short animation piece. Check out Moonbots website, the Fantastic Flying Boots of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and the app! awesome ( A great night and glad to meet people doing things amazing in Shreveport. Thanks all!






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