DAY 84!!! Marfa desert sun

Posted on: March 31st, 2012 by joosy No Comments

Woke in the van around 8am and cruised around in the sun on the bike to see the amazing light (night and day in Marfa). Today I started the update on the website soon to be and by the end of it got at least 2 states images up. Walked up and down the strip and had an interview with Tim at the bookstore. Awesome guy who has been here for 8 years and started up an amazing bookstore. Smart guy who really loved his desert home and gave us some great words. Website work at a place called Squeeze and then another place called Frama, both great coffeeshops here in Marfa. Cruised into the desert to follow the sun as it was going down and then came back to attend the Barefoot Workshops final documentaries (another random Mississippi connection). Chandler and his wife Alison have an amazing workshop program where they go to small communities all over the world and run a 12 day workshop to teach students how to make a documentary. Check out their website an if you are ever in Marfa, Clarksdale, MS, Europe, Australia, Africa, or anywhere you should really look into taking a class (BAREFOOT WORKSHOPS). I have been messing with Chandler for a long time and really want to take the course. The two short docs they played tonight at the bookstore were really awesome and lots of people from Marfa came to see them. Hung around talking to everyone after and was soon to bed to get up and start a new day in the desert.













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