DAY 85!!! Cosmic Marfa wedding crashing

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Woke up in the van at 8am. Always amazes me that no matter the temperature or the light, I can usually sleep till around 8am, this makes day 3 of van crashing. While cruising to get breakfast they were doing a Bristish Vogue photoshoot on the main drag and wetting the street as a lady dressed in green was being struck by the morning light, nice surreal start to a Marfa day. Went and had some breakfast at Squeeze which is owned by A swiss woman who knows her choclates. I stayed there for a good bit of the morning updating the website and took a break to find the farmers market that happens every Saturday. Sadly I missed it but did find an amazing friend in the process. I approached Dave on my bike first because I liked his cowboy hat and secondly because he just had a good vibe about him and low and behold he asked me if I was from Mississippi. Dumbfounded I said yes (forgot i had my hat on that had the state right in the middle) and it turns out he had been a physician in the delta for over 10 years and had an affinity with the State. We did a great interview and he told me much of his amazing life in architecture, medicine, and military. Our discussion was all over but one thing he did add was that the world was full of specialist and we both agreed that people who did lots of general things, like the people of Marfa, were the ones that were doing in this world. He then took me for pizza and we then cosmically ran into a guy named Bob that I had run into at a coffee shop in Mississippi on my short trip through last month. So odd to be on the middle of the desert and meet people from my home state. He introduced us to his lovely sister Juliana and her dog Frida and they invited us to crash the wedding of her friend tonight at El Cosmico (a place I really wanted to stay at with Airstreams and yerts and such, awesome place (EL COSMICO). After meeting these lovely people in desert and making plans for later I went back to try to do a couple more hours of computer work. Frustrated on being so behind and it taking so long to edit and update but it was launched today thanks to Sarah Presson and Kirby Doss (thank you guys so much for getting it up so fast( I hope you all enjoy the website now with things to look at! Interviews soon to come but for now I am getting all of the images up front the last 9 states. So i have spring fever while trying to update photos, the sun is shining so bright in the desert. So fast forward to the night and Dave let me come by and take a shower at his place at Thunderbird and then we were off to the most amazing sunset at El Cosmico and wedding. Pretty funny, as a photographer and wedding photographer I don’t think I have really ever crashed crashed a wedding. Later in the night I admitted to the bride that I just totally met her friends today and she was cool but kept calling me the crasher. Had my camera and got some amazing shots and the photographers were awesome, Briana and James. A little after midnight I pulled out and went to get some sleep in the van in my spot closer to town. Another lovely day in the desert!















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