Day 9!!! Jump in with me!

Posted on: January 15th, 2012 by joosy 2 Comments

Kathey, Drew, and I got up at 3am to get to the top of Haleakala and see the sunrise over the clouds! Exhausted but after loads of hairpin turns we made it to the top of the mountain an hour early. Freezing cold atop the highest peak in Maui! Really amazing to watch clouds pour over the mountain peaks below as the sun slowly creeps up. Also so odd to think on every island how many sublimates you have. Beach, Rainforest, desert, and this morning almost arctic cold on to of the mountain. Came back down and ate an amazing breakfast at a place called Grandmas corner ( Interviewed a lovely local woman and then went back for a quick hammock nap before driving to the west side to meet up with Jonathon Wise who saw my story on the news. Jonathon took me for killer pineapple and banana nut bread (and later the most expensive and best fish tacos I have ever had) plus he took me to 3 private areas to do some cliff jumping. First jump ever is the one below, black rock, somewhere between 40 to 50 ft up. We then met up with some really awesome surfer guys Tony and Dustin and continued to find cool places to jump and shoot. Ended the day watching the sunset with Jonathon as he handled his way through security everywhere we went! ha, hilarious guy! Interviewed him later and then off to the mountains to get some sleep in preparation for whale watching in the morning. PS. Cliff jumping is amazing, don’t look down to long or you will get scared, and it will probably hurt the crap out of your sternum, mine is still reeling! Last day of Hawaii is tomorrow and catch a plane in the afternoon. It is my first State and I already don’t want to leave. This could get problematic, I wish everyday was as beautiful and full of lovely blessings like today was in Maui. Thank you to everyone who has been open to helping PHOTAMERICA steer its course!



















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  1. Honey, don’t leave us hanging! Is that a golf ball lodged in the cactus leaf? Speaking of leaving us hanging, I am one-hundred-percent comforted to know that after you JUMPED off that CLIFF, you survived splendidly! Confirmation is in the photos and the post. Thanks, Josh!

    • ha! love it. I am for sure going to make it through 50 states this year and at some point I am going to find the time to hang glide, jump out of a plane, and bungee jump! Why not!