PHOTAMERICA HAS BEGUN! Day 1 on the road (plane)!

Posted on: January 8th, 2012 by joosy No Comments

Well today it started! Thank you all for your support and love, this show is getting on the road. Got up and had one last breakfast with Theron of and Lisa my assistant. We ate food with Hunter and Rob man and quick to go to studio to pack up stuff for next week. Took a picture to initiate the tour and then headed home to pack my backpack with 2 shirts, 1 pant, 1 sock, 1 underwear and of course camera and computer. The first stop is Hawaii kids and it has been quite hard to schedule everything. Not having a car and having to bounce from island to island is quite difficult and expensive. But, you know we are going to bumble into everyone we meet and capture the state in all its beauty (which shouldnt be to hard since it is pretty ridiculous anyway). Will be here for a week plus and then back to hit down to Florida. I got the airport 30 mins before flight and was on the plane in 5 min (gotta love Jackson airport). I am sitting now in the Las Vegas terminal waiting on a pizza to be delivered at 8pm because the other terminal to get to Hawaii has no food. Quite ridiculous if you ask me, just like Vegas! I will wake up in Honolulu at 6am! Come join the crazy fun of PHOTAMERICA. We will make a post everyday, internet provided that is! Here we go!






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